Tile Making Machine

Roof Tile Making Machine

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SMY8-150 Type color forming machine adopts PLC controlling system, full-hydraulic press and pneumatic to shape. Shaping quickly and dependable parameter, high productivity, high quality and competitive price. Adopts pressing and filtrating concrete to shape. Having various kinds of finished product types and beauty in structure, high density and strength, precision size, can satisfy all

Artificial Quartz Slab & Machine

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Shandong Lianfeng New Building Materials Machinery is founded in 2011, as one of the subsidiaries of HONGFA Group, mainly focus on artificial quartz slabs manufacturing. The leading products include series of quartz stone machinery and quartz stone products. Our Quartz stone products mainly include quartz stone

Terrazzo Tile Making Machine

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Product Description of Terrazzo Tile Making Machine Terrazzo Tile Making Machine Features - Special designed for manual operation,low investment, high efficiency - Two molds at both sides, can produce terrazzo tiles at the same time - Hydraulic pressure guarantees the high density of the terrazzo tile - The tile machine easy operation,low maintenance rate

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