Shandong Lianfeng New Building Materials Machinery is founded in 2011, as one of the subsidiaries of HONGFA Group, mainly focus on artificial quartz slabs manufacturing. The leading products include series of quartz stone machinery and quartz stone products.

Our Quartz stone products mainly include quartz stone slab,tile and countertop. The colors include monochrome color, double color, Tri-color, dark color and pure color series. Also we accept customized color according to your samples.

So far, we have 4 production bases,16 production lines, daily output can reach 5000sqm, the monthly selling is around 25000sqm.
Our main market includes the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Brazil, Poland, Japanese, Korean, Australia, Chile, etc. So far we have received unanimous approval of domestic and foreign customers for our good quality and service.
Hongfa and it's subsidiary are always committed to"first-class quality, first-class reputation, first-class service, first-class management", devoted itself to supply the best product and service for you.

Artificial Quartz Sand Powder Stone Machinery

Max. Thickness
Total Power

LY Series vacuum vibration pressing machine is used to make the Artificial Quartz Stone plate bulk material into blank plate. Pressing machine contains machine frame, vacuum box, vibration plate, vibration motor, lifting oil cylinder, pressurized cylinder, transmission parts, vacuum parts, hydraulic electric control, etc. Comparing with the external type compressor, it has advantages such as low power consumption, light weight, low cost etc. It can make maximum thickness 60mm plate, three maximum width specifications 1000mm, 1700mm and 1900mm.

LX thickness calibrating machine serves an unique structure, main shaft and guide rail. All part self-lubrication, controlled and displayed by computer. Splash, water and fog proof state is well . Osciallation and transmission speed is adjustable. It is designed for the process of calibrate thickness before polishing artificial quartz stone. There are three types: 4 ends, 6 ends, 8 ends. It can make three width type quartz stone for size 1m, 1.7m, 1.9m. Range of vertical stroke of the cutter is 60mm, the max thickness of processable artificial quartz stone is 50mm.

Thickness Calibrating Machine Technical Parameter

 Model Grinding
head No.
Plate max width
of plate(mm)
Plate max
Total (KW) Dimension (mm) Weight(T)
4LX100 4 1000 50 70 5000x2800x2240 6
4LX170 4 1700 50 70 5000x3500x2240 7
4LX190 4 1900 50 70 5000x3700x2240 8
6LX100 6 1000 50 100 6200x2800x2240 8
6LX170 6 1700 50 100 6200x3500x2240 10
6LX190 6 1900 50 100 6200x3700x2240 11
8LX190 8 1900 50 130 7400x3700x2240 14

LM series continuous automatic grinding machine

LM series continuous automatic grinding machine is used in process of artificial quartz stone slab.  There is 4/12/16/20 heads difference size machine, and there is 1m /1.7m/1.9m most width grinding difference designed.  The max lift range of the machine head is 100mm, which allows 50mm thickness of the plate at most.  The machine has been optimized and upgraded based on combining domestic and foreign advanced technology, which enhances its leading position in the field. The machine is characterized by the unique structure of its bearing and guide bearing, automatic lubrication, being controlled and displayed by a computer, automated detection and alarms reporting system about the situation of the plate and abrasive, excellent performance of water and fog resistance, adjustable speed of oscillation and transmission and is more convenient and safer to replace the grinding head.

 Model Grinding
head No.
Plate max-width
of the plate(mm)
Plate max
Total (KW) Dimension (mm) Weight(T)
8LM100 8 1000 50 100 7600x2700x2460 9
8LM170 8 1700 50 100 7600x3400x2460 11
8LM1190 8 1900 50 100 7600x3600x2460 12
12LM170 12 1700 50 150 9800x3400x2460 15
12LM190 12 1900 50 150 7600x3600x2460 17
16LM170 16 1700 50 200 12200x3730x2460 19
16LM190 16 1900 50 200 12200x3930x2460 23.5
20LM190 20 1900 50 250 16300x3930x2460 32

Edges Cutting Machine for Stone Slab

LQ series cutting machine is used in vertical and horizontal cutting for the plate of quartz stone. It can make the plate pass continuously on the production line and cut down the turnover of the plate. There are 4 blades and 5 blades of two types according to the different thickness of the plate, the plate can be cut to two-part. The biggest plate can be cut into 3 sizes, 2500mm, 3100mm, 3300mm and so on, reliable guide rail and spindle structure make sure the incision straightness, automatic control operational process, computer show data, the length, and width can be adjusted within certain limits.

     Model Plate max thickness
of the plate(mm)
Plate max length (mm) Conveyor motor
power (KW)
Dimension (mm)
LQ80X250 800 2500 7.5 4150x2020x2000
LQ80X310 800 3100 7.5 4790x2020x2000
LQ170X330 1700 3300 7.5 5000x2920x2000
LQ190X330 1900 3300 7.5 5000x3120x2000

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