Frame Dimension 2060mm*1730mm*2580mm
Wood Pallet size 880mm*480mm*20mm
Net weight of Host Machine 3Tons
Total Power 14.25KW
Molding Method Compression, bottom vibration
Vibration Frequency 0-60HZ
Item Image Size(mm)(LxWxH) Pcs/mold  Pcs/hour Pcs/8h Circle/s
Hollow block 390x190x190 4 300-400 2,400-3,200  25-30
Paving brick 220x110x50/60 12 1,200-1,500 9,600-12,000 30-35
Solid brick 240x110x53 21 1,700-1,900 13,600-15,200 25-30

Brief introduce of HFB532M manual brick making machine

HFB532M is a manual brick making machine, which occupies small space, so it is very suitable for small factory or family to do business which only needs very little budget.

  • Anvantages of HFB532M manual block machine
  • Feeding System

HFB532M manual block machine adopts mechanical transmission way to work, also its compactable structure and reasonable arrangement achieve the stable performance and low malfunction rate, which makes operation and maintenaince more easier.

  • Vibration System

Firstly, synchronous vibration insures the amplitude of the vibration table. Also the frequency can change according to different technich. Low frequency in feeding material, high frequency vibration makes the different material to get an optimal vibration way, so it ensures the high quality of concrete products.

  • Germany Siemens PLC control system

HFB532M adopts Siemens PLC control system, thus it is easy to operate, and it can reduce failure rate vastly. Hence the machine can run with high stability and reliability.

In addition, combine with long-distance controlling system, it can achieve scrutiny, controlling, diagnosis. Therefore fault diagnosis system gets high appreciation in our customers.

Finally, man-machine interface, control system equipped with complete logic control, production program, malfunction diagnosis system and remote control function. So it doesn’t need a professional person but only need a simple trained one  to the operator.

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