HFP540M lightweight concrete wall panel system has the biggest capacity of wall panels compared to the other two types with the same panel size. It is very easy to operate, and investment is much lower if one place has sufficient laborers, this line is a very good choice for wall panels production.

Item Technical parameter
Boiler and EPS Pre-expander Boiler (m³/hour) Pre-expander(Multiple)
0.5 35
Mixing machine and grouting platform L*W*H (mm) Power (KW) Capacity (m³)
5140*3045*9530 11 3.6

HFP540M EPS Sandwich Concrete Wall Panel Making Machine Features:

  • PLC control system, the mold opening, and closing are hydraulic, hence it can be controlled automatically.
  • This wall panel molding machine can produce a lightweight panel length of 3000mm, a width of 600mm, thickness ranges from 60mm to 200mm. The panel size is very flexible according to can customers' requirements by changing the aluminum strips mold.
  • The electrical and steam-powered heating system makes de-molding fast, which is very efficient and time-saving.
  • Because forming a mold chamber has high stiffness. So panel making has high precision, the thickness is perspective, and the surface of the panel is smooth.
  • The plastic core tube is a lining metal tube, so it is durable, free washing, pulling tube by electric.
  • The molding machine adopts hydraulic and combining mold, it guarantees products accurate size, hence this distinguishes it from traditional equipment.
HFP540M EPS Concrete Wall Panel Machine Capacity
Overall dimensions(mm)
Power(KW) Output / Pieces per mould
60mm 75mm 90mm 100mm 120mm 150mm
2750*2650*1400 4.5 58pcs 50pcs 42pcs 40pcs 34pcs 28pcs

HFP540M Vertical EPS sandwich wall panel making machine has high precise pressure, it ensures the outcome pressure of the valve constant, and keeps the material foaming uniformly.

We can also offer each part of the production line according to your requirements, ever we sold 20 molding machines to Brazil. In 2014, we exported a manual way production line to Thailand with 20 molding machines. After 2 years of production with very good performance of the equipment, they ordered another 10 molding machines.

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