Advantages of HFP512A Lightweight Concrete Wall Panel System

First of all, HFP512A EPS sandwich wall panel making machine has advanced assembly production line, realizes set aluminium alloy plate, accurate slurry perfusion, core material full filling easily, so the product precision is high, the board flatness is well.

Further more, the core tube is plastic, so it is free washing.

In addition, this machine is multifunction, so the panel length and thickness can be changed, it is suitable for producing GRC, magnesite, gypsum, ceramic, composite sandwich panels, solid panels,hollow panels and other lightweight panel.

  • Main features

PLC control system, the mould opening and closing is hydraulic, hence it is automatically control system.

The wall panel machine can produce the lightweight panel length of 3M, width of 60cm, thickness of 60-200mm. Customized panel size is available.

The heating system can be electricity or steam, therefore makes demoulding fast, short time conservation, and the cost is much less.

Because forming mold chamber has high stiffness. So panel making has high precision, the thickness is prospective, and the surface of panel is smooth.

Plastic core tube is lining metal tube, so it is durable, free washing, pulling tube by electric.

Horizontal molding machine used hydraulic and combining mold, high precision Computer Numerical Control cutting equipment guarantees products accurate size, hence this distinguishs it from traditional equipment.

  • Components
  • Mixing machine

Frame Dimension: 3500mm*2200mm*5200mm  Power: 11KW Productivity per time: 2.7m³

  • Mobile slurry infusing machine

Frame Dimension: 3000mm*2000mm*1950mm  Power: 5.2KW  Productivity per time: 2.34m³

  • Mobile demolding turnover platform

Frame Dimension: 4400mm*3530mm*1520mm  Power: 5.2KW  Weight: 2.43T

  • Wall panel molding machine

Overall dimensions(mm)


Output / Pieces per mould




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