Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

Precast Slat Making Machine for Swine Farms

2020-10-15T11:57:41+08:00Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine| Features of Hongfa Swine Farms Slat Machine 1. High production efficiency All the processes are automatic operation: automatic concrete batching, automatic mixing, automatic feeding, molding, and demolding. One shift 8 hours can produce 50 pieces to 150 pieces per single line. The capacity depends on the specifications of the slatted panel.

Terrazzo Tile Making Machine

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Product Description of Terrazzo Tile Making Machine Terrazzo Tile Making Machine Features - Special designed for manual operation,low investment, high efficiency - Two molds at both sides, can produce terrazzo tiles at the same time - Hydraulic pressure guarantees the high density of the terrazzo tile - The tile machine easy operation,low maintenance rate

QT10-15F Brick Making Machine

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QT10-15F brick making machine can help you make different designs of bricks by changing molds, for this machine we guarantee 1 year free maintenance. Advantages of QT10-15F Brick Making Machine Feeding System HFB5200A brick making machine adapts multi-shaft rotating and compulsory feeding, which greatly improves the density and intensity of the blocks, and reduces

QT8-15D Cement Brick Making Machine

2020-09-10T23:22:34+08:00Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine| Advantages of QT8-15D Cement Brick Making Machine Feeding System HFB5150A cement brick making machine adopts Particular storage and forced material feeding system, which guarantees the feeding accuracy and avoiding the effect of exterior material. So the products have high density. Vibration System Firstly, synchronous vibration insures the amplitude of the vibration

QT6-12F Block Machine

2020-10-21T22:52:15+08:00Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine| Advantages of QT6-12F block machine Feeding System QT6-12F block machine is built under steel frame, it owns a new feeding system that gives material exactly and average and assures the products having a high density. So the products have high density. This machine produces blocks, pavers, curbs, and draining pavers.