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Artificial Quartz Slab & Machine

2020-02-20T16:18:00+08:00Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine|

Shandong Lianfeng New Building Materials Machinery is founded in 2011, as one of the subsidiaries of HONGFA Group, mainly focus on artificial quartz slabs manufacturing. The leading products include series of quartz stone machinery and quartz stone products. Our Quartz stone products mainly include quartz stone slab,tile and countertop. The colors include monochrome color,

Lightweight Wall Panels

2019-07-09T12:06:45+08:00EPS Sandwich Wall Panel Making Machine|

https://youtu.be/UH_dzS6V2HY Advantages of Hongfa Lightweight Concrete Wall Panels Meet different requirements of building standard The overall world development trend of brick from clay to non-clay, from solid to hollow, from the small to large, from heavy to lightweight, from low intensity to high-strength, from high to low energy consumption. And the project is stressed

HFB532M Manual Brick Making Machine

2019-10-23T14:58:26+08:00Manual Concrete Block Making Machine|

Frame Dimension 2060mm*1730mm*2580mm Wood Pallet size 880mm*480mm*20mm Net weight of Host Machine 3Tons Total Power 14.25KW Molding Method Compression, bottom vibration Vibration Frequency 0-60HZ Item Image Size(mm)(LxWxH) Pcs/mold  Pcs/hour Pcs/8h Circle/s Hollow block 390x190x190 4 300-400 2,400-3,200  25-30 Paving brick 220x110x50/60 12 1,200-1,500 9,600-12,000 30-35 Solid brick 240x110x53 21 1,700-1,900 13,600-15,200 25-30

HFB546M Manual Concrete Block Making Machine

2019-04-15T19:24:58+08:00Manual Concrete Block Making Machine|

https://youtu.be/hAjJGUxcac0 Brief Introduce of HFB546M Manual Concrete Block Making Machine HFB546M is a manual concrete block making machine, which occupies small space, so it is very suitable for small factory or family to do business which only needs very little budget. Advantages of HFB546M Manual Concrete Block Making Machine Feeding System HFB546M manual concrete block

HFP530A Lightweight Concrete Wall Panel System

2019-10-26T09:30:58+08:00EPS Sandwich Wall Panel Making Machine|

8 Features of EPS Sandwich Lightweight Wall Panel Compared to Traditional Concrete Precast Wall Fireproofing. It is A-class fireproof material, hence it has endured 1000 degrees centigrade high temperature, 120 minutes combustion test. Environmental friendly. In other words all materials of wall panel does not contain harmful and radioactive subatances to human body. Lightweight.