EPS Sandwich Wall Panel Making Machine

Lightweight Wall Panels

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https://youtu.be/UH_dzS6V2HY Advantages of Hongfa Lightweight Concrete Wall Panels Meet different requirements of building standard The overall world development trend of brick from clay to non-clay, from solid to hollow, from the small to large, from heavy to lightweight, from low intensity to high-strength, from high to low energy consumption. And the project

HFP540A Lightweight Concrete Wall Panel System

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8 Features of EPS Sandwich Lightweight Wall Panel Compared to Traditional Concrete Precast Wall Fireproofing. It is A-class fireproof material, hence it has endured 1000 degrees centigrade high temperature, 120 minutes combustion test. Environmental friendly. In other words all materials of wall panel does not contain harmful and radioactive subatances to human body. Lightweight.

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