brick making machine

AAC Plant

2022-11-01T10:41:44+08:00AAC Block Production Line|

Hongfa has 80 AAC plant (Autoclaved aerated concrete) for domestic and abroad market. Main raw materials of AAC are siliceous material (sand, fly ash and Silicon tailings) and Calcium materials (lime and cement) mixed with foaming agent (aluminum powder). It is the product of light porous silicate through the following processes: batching, mixing,

QT10-15F Brick Making Machine

2022-12-03T10:39:10+08:00Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine|

Advantages of QT10-15F Brick Making Machine Feeding System HFB5200A brick making machine adapts multi-shaft rotating and compulsory feeding, which greatly improves the density and intensity of the blocks, and reduces the feeding time. Vibration System First of all, synchronous vibration insures the amplitude of the vibration table. Also, the frequency can change according to

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