HFP512A Lightweight Concrete Wall Panel System

https://youtu.be/vj4deV1Hb2k Advantages of HFP512A Lightweight Concrete Wall Panel System First of all, HFP512A EPS sandwich wall panel making machine has advanced assembly production line, realizes set aluminium alloy plate, accurate slurry perfusion, core material full filling easily, so the product precision is high, the board flatness is well. Further more, the core tube is

Horizontal Concrete Pipe Making Machine

Horizontal Concrete Pipe Making Machine XG(800-1500)*2500 pipe making machine introduction Firstly, this type of pipe making machine adopts new structure with two supporting points. Hence it has the advantages of compact structure, good stability, convenient operation and high rate of finished products. In addition, this machine is capable to make pipes with diameter

Vertical Concrete Pipe Making Machine

  Vertical Concrete Pipe Extruding Machine Advantages of Hongfa vertical concrete pipe making machine Hongfa vertical extruding pipe making machine is the ideal equipment to manufacture cement pipe. Hence it has reasonable design, reliable and simple operation, in accordance with state standard GB11836-89. This machine mixes river sand, carpolite, stone chips, fly ash,

AAC Block Plant

Hongfa has 80 AAC(Autoclaved aerated concrete)plants for domestic and abroad market. Main raw materials of AAC are siliceous material (sand, fly ash and Silicon tailings) and Calcium materials (lime and cement) mixed with foaming agent (aluminum powder). It is the product of light porous silicate through the following processes: batching, mixing, pouring, hardening,

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Terrazzo Tile Making Machine

Product Description of Terrazzo Tile Making Machine Terrazzo Tile Making Machine Features - Special designed for manual operation,low investment, high efficiency - Two molds at both sides, can produce terrazzo tiles at the same time - Hydraulic pressure guarantees the high density of the terrazzo tile - The tile machine easy operation,low maintenance rate

HFB5230A Concrete Block Making Machine

https://youtu.be/OjbMRtJOpEg Main Features of HFB5230A Concrete Block Making Machine Base Frame HFB5230A concrete block making machine has a heavy machine frame, with 200*200mm with 10mm thickness, the frame is made of high-intensity steel and goes through heat treatment, total frame weight is 15.5 tons, hence it is absolutely wear resistant. Feeding and Vibration System

HFB5200A Brick Making Machine

HFB5200A brick making machine can help you make different designs of bricks by changing molds, for this machine we guarantee 1 year free maintenance. Anvantages of HFB5200A Brick Making Machine Feeding System HFB5200A brick making machine adapts multi-shaft rotating and compulsory feeding, which greatly improves the density and intensity of the blocks, and reduces the feeding