8 Features You Can’t Miss on Lightweight Wall Panel

Sandwich lightweight wall panel machine is professional equipment for manufacturing lightweight wall panels, wall panel machine can produce high quality wall panels which have smooth and flat surface, it truly realized wall panel industry flow production line, lowered the labor intensity and density.
Lightweight wall panel machine mainly use several raw materials to produce wall panels, including light weight aggregate such as expanded perlite, ceramsite, shale, EPS granule, slag etc, binding material such as cement, gypsum and magnesite cement, stuffing such as fly ash, slag, fiber and construction rubbish, reinforcer such as glass fiber, steel wire and plastic steel.
Lightweight concrete wall panel is widely used for partition building of architecture and the transform works.
Here are 8 features of precast concrete sandwich wall panel machine you may need.
1. Wall panels can be operated very easily, compared with traditional concrete products, wall panels can be assembled very fast.
2. Wall panels length can be adjusted flexibly, two sufaces are calcium silicate boards, stuffing is EPS and other concrete materials, it has good heat preservation, warm in winter and cold in summer.
3. Sandwich wall panels has good performance which can be drilled, sawed and digged.
4. Because of the protection of high desity surface, wall panel is durable. It can use for more than 30 years.
5. Compared with concrete blocks, the cost of building only need one third.
6. Precast concrete sandwich wall panel machine is easily to be operated, it adopts automaticlly molds opening and closing. Hongfa supplies 3 different production line to make wall panels.
7. Sandwich wall panel has good anti-earthquake performance. No matter it is used in lower layer or high rise building.

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