What Should Pay Attention When Buy New Brick Machine?

When you want to buy new brick machine, except for price, here are some points which are also worth your attention.

First of all, you should know the operating fundamental of brick machine. Different types brick machine has different fundamental, so they can produce different blocks with various features and usages.

Secondly, to maintain brick mold mainly including: Check mold size usually, welding part situation, if welding cracks occur, repair it in time. If mold is worn fast, adjust aggregates granularity in time. If it is over worn, it needs to change a new mold. When clean up mold and brick machine, use air blower or soft tools to avoid knocking and scraping brick mold. Adjust block machine's interval, ie press head and mold core, raw material feeder motor level, mold frame and mold division plate interval etc. Make sure the relative motion shall not collide. Clean up the replaced mold and paint oil for antirust. Then put it in a flat place to avoid transforming due to gravity.

Thirdly, when brick machine and other corollary equipment arrive at installation site, check if there is any damage or transforming, especially for hydraulic pipeline. Check if fasteners loosen, to make sure all the parts can run smoothly.


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