Stones Embedded Decorative Concrete Block

Method of making a concrete block with decorative stones embedded on surface, includes the steps of placing on a face plate a layer of stones which includes a plurality of spaced decorative surface stones and includes filler stones substantially smaller than the surface stones and disposed in the spaces between the surface stones, applying a cement mortar on the surface stones and filler stones, introducing concrete into a separate mold, inverting the face plate and placing it on top of the concrete in the mold, consolidating the concrete and assembling the concrete and the surface stones by applying pressure and vibration, removing the mold and the face plate, and curing the resulting block without the mold.
Heretofore, to produce a concrete block dressed with natural stones finished so as to expose the stones, there are several methods such as to bury natural stone or stones on a surface of the concrete before hardening the concrete by applying hardening retarder on a mold surface, or by fault separation to provide a laminated condition on the dressed surface after aging a compressed and vibrated concrete block which is manufactured by pouring concrete onto a dressing aggregate, such as natural stone.
Also, there were several other methods for this purpose, for example, to chip finish by means of a chipping tool, to chisel finish or to hammer finish a surface of the concrete block after hardening the concrete poured onto the dressing aggregate, such as natural stone to remove a part of the aggregate and the surface mortar.
Also, there is another method such as grinder finishing by which the concrete surface is ground by means of a grinder or whetstone.
Further, there is a sand blast finish by which a mortar portion on the surface and a portion of aggregate surface are shaved off by means of blasting steel or hard sand grains or there is a vacuum treating finish by which a surface mortar portion of the concrete body is removed by evacuating air to expose the aggregate surface.

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