Why does AAC block needs To Be autoclaved?

AAC blocks are used popularly in modern buildings construction, and the quantity is rising year by year. Do you know why does the AAC block need to be autoclaved in production process, and how many advantages of autoclaved processing can bring to AAC blocks? Following are some advantages of AAC blocks.
1. Lightweight
The weight of AAC block is 500-700kg/CBM, it is only quarter or one third of clay brick and concrete block. It is suitable for high buildings supplement wall and low buildings bearing wall. If buildings use AAC blocks, the total construction weight will be reduced about 40 percent compare to use concrete blocks. And because the light weight, it can decrease the damage on buildings in earthquake.
2. Thermal insulation
AAC block coefficient of heat conduction is 0.11-0.18 kilocalorie/meter, which is one quarter or one fifth of clay and fly ash brick (clay brick coefficient of heat conduction is 0.4-0.58 kilocalorie/meter, fly ash brick coefficient of heat conduction is0.528 kilocalorie/meter).
3. High strength
It is reported that AAC block comprehensive strength is 25Mpa.
4. Aseismic
Because AAC is lightweight, whole performance is perfect, it is very aseismic. So it is very helpful to those countries which have frequent earthquakes.
5. Excellent processing performance
AAC block can be cut, nailed, planed and digged. It can be produced with addition of rebar, which brings very much convenience and flexibility for construction.
6. Sound insulation
AAC block is full of closed pores, so it can absorb very much sound.
7. Perfect adaptability
AAC block can be made from river sand, fly ash, ore sand and other many kinds of raw materials. And it can be used circularly, it is good for environment. Hongfa machinery is focusing on AAC block equipment manufacturing and sales all these years, the AAC block sustainability is a very important reason that we chase more higher quality machines, we are always would like to devote our efforts in prevent the environment.

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