Aerated concrete is used in a large number of modern production, the use of aerated concrete block is also a substantial increase. Aerated concrete blocks in the production process why go through high-pressure steaming it, high pressure steaming to the aerated concrete block to bring what benefits? Here to introduce you to the high-pressure steamed aerated concrete block of many advantages.

Light weight

Aerated cement block ordinary weight of 500-700 kg / cubic meter, only the equivalent of clay brick and lime sand brick 1 / 4-1 / 3, ordinary cement 1/5, is a mild one of the cement , Suitable for use in high-rise construction of the supplementary wall and low-level construction of the load-bearing walls. The use of this material, can make the whole child built weight than the usual brick and concrete structure to reduce the weight of more than 40%. Because the construction of self-weight slowed down, earthquake damage is small, so greatly increase the experience of the arch of the earthquake.

Good thermal insulation performance

Thermal conductivity is generally 0.11-0.18 kcal / m 0 o'clock 0 degrees, only granite brick and lime sand brick 1 / 4-1 / 5, (grain tiles of the thermal conductivity of 0.4-0.58 kcal / m 0 Hour 0 degrees; gray sand brick thermal conductivity of 0.528 kcal / m 0 hours 0 degrees), for the usual cement of about 1/6.

High strength

Experiments, aerated cement block compressive strength greater than 25 kg / square centimeter, equivalent to 125 clay brick and gray sand brick compressive strength.

Good seismic performance

In the earthquake level of 7.8 Tangshan Fengnan and other places in the earthquake, according to the earthquake after investigation, aerated cement construction only revealed a few new cracks, and brick and concrete structure construction almost all collapse, so that the two distance is not Far, the same structure and the construction of different materials to form a bright contrast. Analysis that this is because the aerated cement bulk light, the group performance is good, the earthquake inertia force is small, so have a certain earthquake experience. This will be very good for our multi-earthquake countries.

Good processing performance

Aerated cement with good processing performance. Can saw, can planing, can nail, can milling, can drill. Moreover, in the production process to add steel. To bring a very large convenience and flexibility.

With a certain high temperature resistance

When the temperature is above 600 ℃, the compressive strength is close to the compressive strength at room temperature, so the fireproof performance of the aerated cement as foam cement is improved when the temperature is 600 ℃ or less To achieve national level fire safety standards.

Sound insulation is good

From the aerated cement gas structure, we can see that because the inside structure of the aerated cement is the same as the food made from flour and water fermentation, it is evenly distributed to the closed gas eyes, because this has the sound absorbing performance which ordinary foam cement does not.

Good for mechanizing

To the present situation of the situation, the prefabricated cement cement assembly plate can save the finished product stacking site; save masonry; damage to the wet operation; speed up the presence of the progress of the degree, an increase in the operating rate.

Strong adaptability

Can be based on the local not the same raw materials, not the same conditions to tailor. Raw materials can be selected river sand, fly ash, ore and other, the right medicine. Moreover, you can use waste, to help environmental protection, the real turning waste into treasure. The strength of the aerated cement block made by the aerated cement facility is determined in terms of the relative water content, which is referred to as the reference moisture content, and the intensity of the reference water content range is not exactly the same.
Aerated concrete blocks with traditional clay brick can not be compared to the many advantages, but also environmental protection, reduce waste stacking, the urban environment construction beneficial, therefore, aerated concrete block is the government to promote the building materials. With the accelerated process of urbanization, aerated concrete market will be promising.
Some similar products prone to expansion or deformation of the lack of ... ... "Its superior waterproof, moisture resistance is some of the same type of product can not be replaced.