To clean up every corner of the machine after one day work. Except for cleaning viscous ash of important place, also do some cleaning on strike-off board, vibration board of the concrete, to prevent it from coagulating, and increasing the obstruction for the machine. If it is possible, use water to clean up all the parts except for motors and vibrator.

  1. After 3 months continuous production, You should change the lubricating oil in gear case. Before you pour the new oil you should clean up the old one. If the continuous production is not enough for 3 months, but the machine has been used for 18 months, Lubricating oil also need to be changed to new. At the same time check whether the gear and bearings well, if not change it immediately. Also pay attention to the oil load, make in time supplement.
  2. Add lubricating oil regularly on every moving parts and bolt joints.
  3. Check the wear parts regularly, if any parts is worn, change it immediately to avoid it damage products quality.

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