If you always meet questions in cement brick making machine production process, this article can help you get some more ideas to debug your machine.
First of all, adjust the off-center shaft of brick press structure to make sure it can press required brick preforms.
Secondly, adjust the upper hopper of feeding system, make its distance between 0.5-1mm with feeding tray.
Thirdly, adjust the orbit height, after brick preforms come out, the mold face need to be higher than the tray, about 1mm.
Fourthly, adjust the lower hopper of feeding system, make its distance lower than 0.5mm.
Lastly, adjust the distance between scraper of feeding system and hopper bottom tray, make it within 2mm.
After the installation of brick block making machine, it is necessary to test it, test includes two parts, they are empty test and load capacity test.
Before testing, check the appearance of block machine, twist all screws and accessories tightly, and keep enough lubricating oil on each part, make sure it can work well.
After all the checking, start to empty test, it should not less than 2 hours, in the empty test process, pay attention to bearings temperature, occlusion situation, motors and lubricating situation, especially brick pressing structures.
Only when the empty test passed, then you can start to feed raw materials for loading test, and time shoul be more than 4 hours.
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