Q? Why blocks conveyor use leather belt?

A.Leather belt blocks conveyor has low friction coefficient, it is not easy to be heated, so it can protect pallet from damage, the chain conveyor heats fastly and will distroy pallet.

Q? Which kind of material feeder does our machine use?

A.Our material feeder adopts 360° forced feeding, it works more even and faster.

Q? Why should I use inverter motor?

A.Firstly, inverter motor is more power saving. Secondly, inverter motor is more durable because it keeps running continually.

Q? What is the Hydropress brand?

A.Hydropress brand is from Calyca, Taiwan, it guarantees the stable output pressure.

Q? What is the advantage of double proportional electric valve compared with single one?

A.Double proportional electric valve can export air pressure stably.

Q? Which kind of Hydraulic oil should I choose?

A.Because customers plants are in different places over the world, local climate, environment requires Hydraulic system for different hydraulic oil, so it needs concrete analysis. In principle, we recommend hydraulic oil with Anti-foam additive, Anti-corrosion additive, which is antiwear, such as #46 or #64. Different hydraulic oils can not be mixed to use.

Q? How to maintain hydraulic machine?

A.Oil return filter cartridge should be renewed within 3 months since new machine come into service, and open oil box to check and clean inner filter screen. Check and clean oil box every 6 months or one year according to operating frequency, and renew hydraulic oil, it can be recycled to use after filteration.

Q? What is the colour fastness of blocks?

A.It depends on the quality of pigment, usually it will last 2 or 3 years with high quality pigment.

Q? What is the distinguishing feature of Hydraulic machine compared with mechanical machine?

A.Short molding time, smooth appearance, water saving, can be stacked for 3 to 5 floors, various blocks can be produced via changing molds.