Application of Lightweight Wall Panel Machinery

Recent years, overseas requirements of wall panels are rising year by year, from solid to the hollow, small to large, heavy to the lightweight.

If you are looking to build a new home or looking to add an addition this is a great option. The EPS panel is 50% more energy efficient and 15 times more air tight than your standard stick frame building.
Hongfa lightweight wallboard machinery is a new, environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency equipment for this kind of building material. It is becoming first choice for construction projects.
As a new wall materials, lightweight wall panels are widely used in external walls, interior walls, roof walls, walls, etc., it can be constructed fast compared to traditional concrete blocks, and can be cut arbitrarily according to size requirement.

If you want to reduce labor intensity, shorten the construction period, reduce project cost, improve the use of the building area, Hongfa wall panel production line is your best partner.

Hongfa Wall Panel Project

Hongfa Wall Panel Project


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