Awesome Features of Movable Brick Making Machine

Movable brick making machine is also known as egg laying brick machine, it is mainly divided into two types according to power source, one use diesel, the other one use electric. No matter what kind of power it use, here are some features about movable brick machine you can't miss if you are in this market.

1. Reasonable vibration distribution. Movable brick making machine locked the molding box on vibration platform via de-molding cylinder to realize mold and platform vibrating together. There is a special vibrator on press head to add vibration effect. This vibration form can make concrete liquefied and exhausted fast, and make concrete product to be high density and intensity. It can utilize kinds of waste ashes, slag, crushed stone and construction waste to produce kinds of bearing or non-bearing concrete products.

2. Movable brick making machine adopts integrative technique of mechanics, electronics and hydraulics, as well as superb electric hydraulic components, to guarantee every process in blocks production stably and reliably.

3. Movable brick machine has unique feeding and break arch settings to make raw materials feed into molding box uniformly, vibration adopts double-end output way to make sure vibration uniform distribution.

4. Movable block making machine adopts heavy structure design, it use high intensity steel trough particular welding to guarantee the host machine heavy body, stable frame, and will not vibrate with excitation and vibration system.

Movable Brick Making Machine

Movable Brick Making Machine

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