Calcium Silicate Board Brings You New Idea

As a kind of green and environmental building material, calcium silicate board has many advantages except for the strength of plasterboard, it is also inflaming, water-proof, and has long service life, now it has been widely used in various building construction and partition wall maket.

Ⅰ Advantages of calcium silicate board
1. Long service life
It has stable and reliable performance, the silicon and calcium can produce tobago mullite crystal under autoclaved conditions, it has very stable performance, and the calcium silicate board is mainly made from this material. It is acid-base resistance, anti-corrosion, will not be damaged by humidity or insect, ant.
2. High strength.
Its anti-bending strength is more than 15Mpa.
3. Light weight.
Its density is ranging from 30kg/m³ to 40kg/m³, it will not bring additional load problem to buildings and walls.
4. Inflaming.
Wooden products will release mass of toxic smoke and substance once breaking out of fire, compared to woodenware, calcium silicate inflaming performance can reach A1 degree of GB8624-2006 standard.
5. Perfect water-proof performance.
Calcium silicate has very low water absorption, even you use it in very wet place such as toilet, bathroom etc, it will not be expanded or out of shape.
6. Perfect plat surface

Calcium silicate has wonderful plat surface, and no need to process it again before you use it.

Ⅱ The usage of calcium silicate
It is lightweight, high strength, environmental and inflaming, can be widely used in business buildings, hospital room partition etc.
Guangxi Hongfa Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd offer EPS wall panel production line, which can make the partition panels with calcium silicate board.
Please contact us for more information if you need relevant equipment.

Calcium Silicate Board

Lightweight wall panel - One of applications of calcium silicate board

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