Concrete Block Making Machine Daily Maintenance Tips

Concrete block making machine produces blocks via low and high frenquency vibration, because of its working way, daily maintenance is neccessary.

1. Choose more than 25mm sq aluminium wire or more than 16mm sq copper wire. In machine’s normal running, the input power divides into high voltage 380V-410V, low voltage 330V-360V. The machine must have reliable grounding installation, to guarantee the safety of operators.
2. If the hydraulic oil pump motor was stopped or hard to work, and resulted the motor burned up, the reason is the total pressure regulating valve has too big pressure regulating. Turn the total valve down till the motor can work easily.
3. For mechanical block machine, if the vibration of vibratory unit is not enough, which can result the longer time of blocks making or incompact. This is because of the too big pressure when upper dies push. Turn it down.
4. Mold, balance arm and host machine cracking, the reason is upper dies pressure is too small, the pressure power can’t lock the lower die, the impact of lower die and vibratory unit is big, which will damage total equipment and the parts.
5. If blocks are incompact, cracking, that because of the little pressure of upper dies, so it can’t lock the blocks when demoulding, turn up the power of pressure head so that to keep the output rate.
6. If the hollow blocks bulging in the middle, the reason is upper dies pressure is too big, the operator should check the aggregates humidity and proportion.
7. If the oil cylinder leaks oil, please change a new sealing element with same specification.

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