Non-vibration Concrete Block Machine

About Non-vibration Concrete Block Machine

First of all, Hongfa non-vibration concrete block machine consists of forming machine, materials feeder, hydraulic system, electrical system, block receiver and stacker.

In addition, the forming machine includes frame, upper mold, mold core and core seat component, bottom part and ejector rob component, forming die, hook component and buffer.

Furthermore, raw materials feeder has the components of frame, materials feeding case, drawing panel, guide rall and hopper.

Because the block receiver is working by pneumatic Pulley and all pneumatic gas valve are from well known brand-AirTAC. So it is simple to operate, and it has dependable performance which insures controlling.

Hydraulic system includes hydraulic unit, pipe and cylinder. All of the hydraulic components are from famous international brand, hence it has reliable performance and insure controlling. Furthermore, hydraulic unit includes oil tank, motor, high-press pump, pile-up valve group, cooler and oil in-return filter.

Also the oil tank brings oil thermometer, liquid level meter and filter element blockage a larm, when the filter element was blocked up, it will notify to change.

In conclusion, static pressure block making machine has excellent advantages on big pressure, less noise and highly full automatic with manipulator than other block making machines. So it become more and more popular in block yard worldwide.

  • Technical Parameter
Nominal pressure 4200KN
Rated pressure 25Mpa
Oil pump motor Y200L-4(30KW)
Molding cycle 14-20S
Gross weight 12.5T
Control Mode Full automatic PLC control
  • Productivity
Item Image Size(mm)(LxWxH) Pcs/mold Pcs/hour Pcs/8h Circle/s
Hollow Block 390x190x190 4 960 7680 14-20
Solid brick 240x110x53 24 4800 38400 14-17
Paving brick 220x110x50/60 12 2400 19200 17-22

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